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Ten To Twelve by Roger Davidson Trio

Helen Keane always had a sharp ear when it came to music. After all, she worked with the late pianist Bill Evans for many years as both manager and producer. It is with this background that she one day discovered the fine talent that is Roger Davidson, a pianist with impeccable taste. Known mostly as a versatile composer and classical performer, Ten To Twelve is a testament to his commitment to jazz. Crossing over from classical to jazz can be a daunting task in the best of times. Davidson rises to the occasion, as is evident on all eleven selections. Although there are some standards, for the most part, every piece is written by Davidson.

What is most striking upon first listen to "Sweet Memory" is that you swear you've heard this piece before. One is reminded of the Evans classic, "Waltz For Debby." Davidson's light fingering is filled with melodic joy and balance. Ratajczak's exquisite brushwork and Finck's rolling bass lines bring the piece to a most satisfying conclusion.

Finck's bowed bass welcomes the beautiful "Autumn Leaves." Davidson works with the melody in a smooth and trusting manner. His style is well suited to this timeless classic. With a fluid approach coupled with a sense of rhythmic counterpoint, Davidson is able to create a sound all his own. Finck takes a tasty solo never straying from the moment.

The lush sounding "Water Lillies" is another original from Davidson. Ratajczak maintains a steady rhythm utilizing brushes. Finck's subtle bass playing works well with Davidson's soft flowing keys.

Davidson not only plays the notes on "Ten to Twelve," he envelopes them. Timing is everything. Davidson moves the moment with grace and delicacy.

'Bernie's Tune" has long been a vehicle for improvisation by many jazz musicians over the years. Davidson has a chance to display his chops. Here is a man who can swing. It's a joy to hear someone who thoroughly enjoys what he is doing. A spirit of fun and camaraderie are evident.

This session recorded in 1991 is a revelation. To create a sense of balance and melodic form is to be applauded. Ten To Twelve showcases the fine talents of Roger Davidson. Tasty runs and velvet chords illustrate how someone of his caliber can feel at home in a trio setting filled with many uplifting moments.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Roger Davidson Trio
  • CD Title: Ten To Twelve
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Soundbrush Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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