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The Chasser by Dave Striker

From the first kick-off, you can state this is a functional band. "The Great Divide," opens this opus. This gem showcases Jared Gold’s inoculating bass phrases with a buoyancy into his execution. Reedus, a worthy partner, tears it up and articulates adrenaline sounds, keeping cutes melodies until his exploding cymbals touch audience’s souls.

Stryker’s guitar releases sounds of luminous dexterity ("I Wish You Love", "Close to You", "Chaser, the Chasser", "Kathmandu"), sometimes in tandem with Gold, preserving a bounty of husky, tonal voices ("I Wish You Love", "Kathmandu", "Mode J.W.", "I Didn't Know What Time It Was") and rough hues. Reedus’s drum groove shines and sets the tempos with smoothness, elegance and fluidity carrying perfect bits ("The, Brighter Days", "Close to you", "Mode J.W", "Our Miss Brooks").

The band is prophetic, lead by Stryker swinging with dynamism instilled from his soul. "Chaser, the Chasser" is perhaps the grooviest track.... a melodic creation on which Stryker’s strings truly catch one’s conceit. It is delightful to hear Reedus, Gold and Stryker at the apex of their powers; the confluence of vibes into one fluid motion of rhythm and musicality. This is an exquisite contemporary jazz trio that abides up to the excitement instigated by Stryker’s muse.

From these unique pieces triggered by the leader, this out-standing trio condenses painstaking music now and then in nine excited tracks in which the osmosis and pitches between these artists totally soar.

Dave Stryker is definitely a finger zinger on the guitar!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dave Striker
  • CD Title: The Chasser
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Melbay Records
  • Tracks: Great Divide, The, Brighter Days, I Wish You Love, Close to you, Chaser, the Chasser, Kathmandu, Mode J.W., I Didnt Know What Time It Was, Our Miss Brooks
  • Rating: Five Stars
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