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The My Fourteen Songs by Scolari Claudio

To be honest when I received this CD I felt excited because the curriculum vitae of Claudio Scolari is really outstanding. For who still doesn’t know it let me summarize some of its key points. Claudio is graduated in percussion instruments and his artistic career has followed two directions both very binding: the classical music one and the avant-garde jazz music one, two worlds that, in spite of a long tradition, have always had some difficulties to approach, so that usually classical musicians hardly venture in the world of jazz music, and even seldom in other "minor" worlds such as Blues, Rock and Pop music.

Scolari had the honor of to collaborate with some of the most prestigious Italian symphonic orchestras starting from the National Symphonic Orchestra of the Italian Broadcasting Corporation. He participated in four editions of the Pavarotti & Friends and collaborated with a considerable number of artists, going from Uto Ughi to Steve Gadd.Coming to the CD we are talking about an album entirely composed by Scolari, who here plays the battery, the percussions, the sinth.

The artistic purpose is clear since the first listening, Scolari loves to test and to seek new expression languages, taking inspiration from musics like jazz, blues and ethnic music. He plays with blending, decomposing and recomposing rhythms and melodies giving new life and color to ancient always new emotions. The rhythms are usually essential, Scolari has definitely surpassed the need of to show his actual abilities with virtuous-isms alone and prefers to concentrate on taste, feeling and on the intrinsic beauty of the compositions. The notes come out sometimes sweet, sometimes full of electricity and energy, in the same manner the rhythms are now smooth and then vital and complex.

On everything a great care for the sound. The fourteen tracks have on average a short duration for this kind of music, but have the quality to be able to to be listened in one breath as if they were a sole work.Listening to this music is a privilege and I invite you to seek between the ruts of this CD those emotions that is more difficult to experience listening to a disk of nowadays.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Scolari Claudio
  • CD Title: The My Fourteen Songs
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Principal Records
  • Musicians: Claudio Scolari (drums, percussion, vocals, synth), Donnie Romano (guitars, vocals)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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