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The Promise by Arturo Castillion

The Promise is Castillion's debut recording. Featuring a healthy dose of jazz, funk and world rhythms, Castillion's full bodied guitar sound is evident throughout. With a solid band behind him, Castillion is able to explore rhythms and textures suitable to his style of playing.

"Este Es Mi Dia" is a journey in style and execution. Castillion's forthright approach along with a rhythmic sense are evident. He gets a chance to exchange ideas with the band in a controlled and focused manner showcasing not only Castillion but the band as well.

A funkified vehicle, "Urban Nights" features the superb bass slapping of Lesley Jozef. Direct and to the point, Jozef attacks each note with a sense of purpose. Castillion's silky smooth delivery and careful choice of notes work well with the rest of the group.

Trujillo's sax is featured throughout "The Messenger." A relaxed approach, there is much to enjoy. Castillion's guitar takes second stage, letting the band show off their skills. Later on, Castillion presents a lovely solo full of richness, ideas, and skill.

Probably Castillion's greatest influence, "On The Wes Side" is a tribute to one of the most influential guitarists in jazz, Wes Montgomery. Another opportunity presents itself for Castillion. He is able to perform a solo that brings back memories of some of Montgomery's finest moments. Settling into the groove for the rest of the tune, Castillion rides out in fine fashion.

A beautiful ballad, "Desert Flower" is a thoughtful piece with fine playing and timely support from Gaddum. Trujillo's delicate sax is also featured along with Castillion's melodic moments.

Castillion's debut recording, The Promise, is an ambitious effort. In time and with a little risk taking, Castillion should become a major player on the contemporary jazz scene. Considering that every piece on this release are originals from Castillion, goes to show that he is not afraid to take chances and rise to the occasion.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Arturo Castillion
  • CD Title: The Promise
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Independent
  • Tracks: Este Es Mi Dia, Urban Nights, El Melon Amarillo, On The Wes Side, Painted Faces, Sambahia, The Messenger, Desert Flower, Limpression de L'Afrique'
  • Musicians: Arturo Castillion (guitar), Efraim Trujillo (sax), Glenn Gaddum (keyboards, piano), Lesley Jozef (bass), Remco Van Der Sluis (drums), Juan Bulu' Viloria (percussion)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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