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The Seduction by Nick Colionne

THE SEDUCTION, the third of a string of hits, showcases the smooth guitar work of Nick Colionne, and it is an innovative, imaginative CD. Each of the 11 selections are both memorable and enjoyable.

Colionne gives the jazz listener some very nice musical compositions to enjoy for repeated playing, such as "Steppin' Out," "34," "Mr. Montgomery," "Get This," "Strait Up," and "The Seduction." In addition, his talent is readily seen in William Eaton's "Winelight," Becker/Fagen's "Black Cow," the Coots/Gillespie standard "You Go To My Head" which is given twice, once as a vocal by Colionne and secondly as a guitar performance by Colionne.

Nick Colionne displays influences of the late guitarist, Wes Montgomery, but he is his own musician and inspires his performances with a unique, definitive sound that is totally his! Joined in solo work with pianist Matt Rose, the two strike up a great sound of jazz motifs and harmony together. They make a winning combo, backed with "Downtown" Tony Brown on bass, Felix "The Cat" Pollard on drums / percussion, and other musicians who contribute great sounds to this flawless, smooth jazz CD!

Jazz listeners who like smooth jazz guitar will fall in love with the sounds in this collection, each song a gem of performance and harmony. "You Go To My Head" is classic smooth jazz at its finest, as is the entire collection.

Excellent production values, good jazz motifs, a feel of rich symmetry and texture, and solo performances make THE SEDUCTION an enjoyable listening experience. Nick Colionne is a master of contemporary smooth jazz guitar. A memorable CD for the year 2001 and one that makes a great gift for a friend, lover, or whoever comes to mind! Excellent!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Nick Colionne
  • CD Title: The Seduction
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Chicago Lakeside Jazz
  • Musicians: Nick Colionne, guitar, keyboards. Guest Artists.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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