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...till then by Danilo Perez

Danilo Perez, Panamanian composer and jazz pianist hits pay dirt and walks away with pure gold in this exceedingly refreshing collection of world music themes interwoven with jazz motifs. Each song features memorable performances. The songs are lyrical and enjoyable. There are ten songs in the collection. Some are composed by Danilo Perez, and other composers are represented.

Among the songs are such imaginative pieces as "Native Soul," "Gracias a la Vida," "...till then," "Overjoyed," "Trocando em Miudos," "Improvisation on Red," "Paula C," "Rabo de Nube," "Fiddle and the Drum," and "Vera Cruz." The song, "...till then," written by Danilo Perez and Lizz Wright, is one that will long linger in the jazz listening audience's ears. Like all the songs in this collection, each is a special showcase for the remarkable piano stylings of Danilo Perez. Perez plays with a sensitive touch, the notes clear and vivid sound pieces, much like an intricate and colorful puzzle with everything accurately in place.

These songs are intricate. Each one tells a sound picture. Each one expresses a jazz motif. Each one is unique and enjoyable listening.

If you have not heard this young composer before, this is a fine example of his talents as a pianist and an introduction to his jazz compositions. Danilo Perez has that certain touch of class which places him squarely among the top young jazz pianists performing and composing today.

Excellent in all regards. This is a fine listening experience for those who enjoy creative jazz piano performances.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Danilo Perez
  • CD Title: ...till then
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Verve Records
  • Musicians: Danilo Perez (piano, composer, leader), John Patitucci (bass), Brian Blade (drums), Ben Street (bass, Adam Cruz (drums), Donny McCaslin (soprano saxophone), Lizz Wright (vocals)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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