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Tim Posgate Hornband featuring Howard Johnson by Tim Posgate

Tim Posgate, guitarist and composer is an original; his new CD released earlier this year is a stand out. Posgate’ imagination runs wild on this recording; tunes like "Hale Bopp" with bop master Howard Johnson adding delightful tuba runs, glides and fascinating tones joins Posgate while he pulls off funky chords and semi-distorted runs on this interesting composition. The rest of the band is pulled into the mix and offers up their own blend and style of contemporary bop. After this first track, you’re hooked and there is no looking back.

The Tim Posgate Hornband has a style that’s very original; Posgate has composed all of the songs with the exception of "How Post Modern of Me" by Quinsin Nachoff. Posgate is the director of the horn band, allowing the trumpet of Lina Allemano to ring out strong and true. He gives equal playing time to the saxophone, clarinet and flute playing of Quinsin Nachoff, as well as the powerhouse playing of Howard Johnson on tuba, baritone saxophone and pennywhistle. During most of the tracks Posgate is a restrained guitar player, laying down an opening melody or adding tasteful runs to suit.

The trumpet playing of Lina Allemano in "Quartier St. Roche" is exceptional; she has great tone and feel. Allemano’ muted lines are haunting, lyrical and fluid. This is a very romantic ballad performed at a slow pace. Nachoff comes in on the second chorus and plays a nice solo, clarinet and flute, to a graceful conclusion.

The song "On the Merry-Go-Round" starts with a catchy rhythmic line on guitar, the horns pick up the rhythm on the fifth bar and take over the song from that point. Posgate will make statements throughout the tune, during each guitar entrance you envision a child screaming to go around, just one more time. The horns are the ride and they take their lines seriously but with an underlying sense of humour.

The feel on this recording is joyous; everybody seems to be having a good time. The solid playing of Posgate on guitar, banjo or slide guitar is augmented by the free form playing of the horn section. The darkest tune on the record "Goodbye, Au Revoir" features Johnson on tuba, he is playing an old style New Orleans funeral march, tuba playing that is sensitive, dynamic and hitting notes that are simply unbelievable. A sad tune, but joyous playing none the less. This recording has a little bit of everything and a whole lot of great playing by The Tim Posgate Hornband.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tim Posgate
  • CD Title: Tim Posgate Hornband featuring Howard Johnson
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Guildwood Records
  • Tracks: Hale Bopp, Quartier St. Roche, Martin Martin Martin, Rob Clutton, On the Merry-Go-Round, F as in Fun, How Post-Modern-of Me, Goodbye - Au Revoir, Muddy, Pramulating, The Shape, 50% Pure Wool
  • Musicians: Tim Posgate (guitar, banjo, acoustic lap slide) Howard Johnson (tuba, baritone saxophone, pennywhistle), Quinsin Nachoff (tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute), Lina Allemano (trumpet)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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