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Trainwrecks by Simon Fisk Trio

This is really a tight-knit little group, wherein the overall synergy of the trio seems to sparkle and radiate a bewitching charm all its own.... The hero in this brave performance, teetering on a natural arrogance that bespeaks an originality rarely encountered these days, is surprisingly the pianist Chris Gestrin. Though the leader is Simon Fisk the bassist who seems rather content leading the group from the rear, Gestrin poundingly exhibits an amazing versatility garnished with presence of mind, with a variety of approaches, whatever style be chooses to work upon when handling a tune.

Fisk has chosen the tunes very cautiously it appears. There are cool numbers, red hot funky numbers, slow spaced out lazy numbers, and intellectually stimulating free jazz improvisations which test the true skills of all three musicians. Though he remains hovering in the background, in some numbers like the second tune ‘Something Of All’ he produces a lively rabbit from his hat, and gives a good account of his acoustic jugglery. The drummer Tom Foster lends a steady beat and blurts out brash statements now and then, which come like gusts of fresh breeze once the quiet solos by Gestrin fade away.

Almost each number can hold on its own, in a scale of tune-worthiness, but my special favorite is the number eight : ‘All Is Said And Done’ -which has a driving funky beat, and the bluesy improvisations by Gestrin make it an unforgettable, infectious little ditty that drills into one’s head.

Gestrin has impressed me so much, that I’d rather carry this one CD with me on travels, rather than many by Brubeck, Jarrett, Peterson or even Silver. He sounds like each one of these unquestioned maestroes, in a different tune -without losing his own original style. Amazing skill, indeed.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Simon Fisk Trio
  • CD Title: Trainwrecks
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Plunge
  • Tracks: Big Foot, Something of All, I Fall In Love TooEasily, Blues Thing, Some Sort of Spiritual, The One, Comfortably Alone, All Is Said And Done, Seven Oceans, Closing In.
  • Musicians: Simon Fisk (bass), Chris Gestrin (piano), Tom Foster (drum)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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