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Triceratops by Triceratops

Triceratops?? I too was confused for a minute at the name of this brilliant jazz group. You will quickly figure out the hidden meaning behind this name when you listen to the strong blend of saxes, flutes, clarinets and trombone used to create a rich acoustical ambiance.

When asked about the name, the group replies, "The Triceratops of prehistoric time was a three-horned dinosaur. The three-horned sextet called Triceratops was born in 1986 out of our desire to create new music, jazz that would be original, personal and would speak to any listener." The group features, Tony Corman blowin' his way into your mind any way he can on alto and soprano sax, flute and alto flute, Dave Eshelman playing a slick sliding truly inventive trombone, Alan Hall establishing the prevailing beat on drums, Laura Klein carrying the group with her nimble piano playing fingers, Dan Seamans keepin' it steady on the bass, and Dave Tidball as the third horn player giving us emotional blares coming from the tenor and soprano saxes along with a light and airy clarinet.

This group could be musically compared to that of the Yellowjackets or the Rippingtons. In my opinion this group is the king of "make me feel good jazz". Every tune is composed with the listeners feelings in mind. Many jazz artists go way out on a personal limb and it is hard to understand where they are trying to take a song. Triceratops finds a way to touch all listeners with creativity and ear pleasing affection. Triceratops goes deep into the heart with "I see you jumping" to bring you a feeling of engaging passionate souls, and then spreads joy and happiness in the upbeat tune "Then the Springtime Comes".

This group has a diverse jazz playing style that is sure to please you! Check them out!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Triceratops
  • CD Title: Triceratops
  • Year Released: 1997
  • Record Label: IGMOD Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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