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Trombone Heaven, Vancouver 1978 by Frank Rosolino & Carl Fontana

Take the animated technique of trombonist Frank Rosolino and adventurous temper of talent that is Carl Fontana and you have classic jazz brass.... On a night back in 1978 in the Bayside Room of the Bayshore Inn in Vancouver, an experience for a select privileged few took place. Now that moment is released to the masses and it to this day stays a memorable jazz episode!

I will put it this way. If you are into pure jazz without the fluff and dressing, this is a must! This performance swings and brings so much to the table, both on a technical and performance level.... Untarnished heat!

Take a spin on "All Blues" as you will then experience the magic of the distinct duo. The smooth segues and precise timing, even though this is live, makes one just sit back and embrace with amazement. This, my friend, is pure jazz! "Bad Brass Blues" at its peak.... A very strong performance!

Bobby Mercer’s "Laura" smoothed out by Rosolino and Fontana just makes this piece even more special. Each note enriches the songs tribute to the composer as it is performed this night. The arrangement is rare and in itself brings a new sound to the classic, still keeping with its original emotional concept. Jazz aficionados will truly take this to heart with open arms.

Trombone Heaven.... Vancouver 1978 is just jazz, a genuine classic. This disk brings those thrilling moments in time when jazz was just was jazz. One sat, listened, and remembered these jams knowing not so much what they heard as much as, how it made them feel....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Frank Rosolino & Carl Fontana
  • CD Title: Trombone Heaven, Vancouver 1978
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Uptown Records
  • Tracks: Here’s that Rainy Day/Stardust, Well, You Needn’t, All Blues, Just Friends, Laura/Embraceable You, Ow
  • Musicians: Carl Fontana, Frank Rosolino (trombones), Elmer Gill (piano), Torban Oxbol (bass), George Ursan (drums)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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