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Twisted Pea Soup by Faldo's Toy

Faldo’s Toy might sound like a strange name for a group, but it is actually quite fitting for this innovative group of guys. Faldo’s Toy, as explained on their first CD, ICON, is a magic chest that when opened will make whatever you imagine come to life. These guys have imagination and really know how to make their music come to life. It’s fresh, original and modern. Twisted Pea Soup, Faldo’s Toy 2005 release is all that and more. It’s jazz, rock and funk all simmered together with influences from Chick Corea and Steeley Dan making up this eclectic mix. Faldo’s Toy consists of brothers Ray and Jerry Merrill, James Zeigler and Chris Galli, all seasoned musicians with colorful and varied backgrounds in the music industry.

Twisted Pea Soup’s ten tracks are all creative, with multi-layered melodies. "Shorty" gets things going right off with some big bass lines, cool keys and lively drum beats which leads right into "Katie." Jerry Merrill, with his alluring keyboards will both calm and excite. It’s sexy, and sassy at the same time. "Simpatico" is pure bliss combining chic harmonies with enough edge to get things stirred up.

Then there’s "Mind Trap." Zeigler’s guitar is raw and intense on this rock-tinged stunner. Some nice trumpet playing from Ray Merrill at the end is almost unexpected; yet it really connects and shows the many layers these guys build upon. "Tango Uniform" invokes spicy Latin influenced flavors. Zeigler’s impassioned guitar shows just how versatile and creative he is while Ray Merrill on percussion is powerful and absorbing. "Novaya Zimlya" shows the smooth side of Faldo’s Toy with tranquil guitar and percussions creating the sensation of calm and serenity, but not for long.

Next up, "Hangtown Fry" a brilliantly funky, rock infused track features more big bass from Galli along with superb drums and keyboards from the Merrill brothers to match. The highlight, though, being Zeigler who explosively lets loose on guitar like no ones business. "Twisted Peas" is a track rich with layers of sound and texture, a contemporary tour de force. "Mr. Potato Head"™ and "Fire In The Hole" close out Twisted Pea Soup just as it started, big and bold with lots of ingenuity and unparalleled exuberance.

It really takes a lot of talent, imagination and innovation to crank out ten amazing tracks on one CD and just when you think you think it can’t possibly get any better, the next one proves that theory wrong. Twisted Pea Soup by Faldo’s Toy boils over with big sounds and even bigger talent. Wonder what they’ll cook up next?

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Faldo's Toy
  • CD Title: Twisted Pea Soup
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Gaston Music Group
  • Tracks: Shorty, Katie, Simpatico, Mind Trap, Tango Uniform, Novaya Zimlya, Hangtown Fry, Twisted Peas, Mr. Potato Head”™, Fire In The Hole
  • Musicians: Jerry Merrill (Keyboards, vocals), Ray Merrill (drums, percussion, trumpet), James Zeigler (guitars), Chris Galli (basses), Steve Girsback (congas), Jim Hurley (electric violin)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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