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Waiting for you... by Alex Clements

It is always fortuitous to have such a multi-gifted artist take a step back and create music that conveys the emotional core of their compositions in a recorded format. To create a sound that is pure feel with no dictates or structures. A composer needs to get lost into their mind from time to time. This is what seems to occur with the latest release of pianist and composer Alex Clements new project "Waiting for you..." From the initial stroke of the first key, the music delves deep within the talents of this creative soul.

"Waiting for You" is a collection of his feelings set to his talents with a cast of very gifted sounds. Drummer Danny Gottlieb has sat with some of the genre’s greats such as Getz and Corea. His style balances the project nicely positioning a strong foundation for success. The sax, by Alain Bradette, brings to life "Time to Heal" with a soulful cry.

Mr. Clements artistry is very well epitomized within the cut "New Horizons," in fact all the sounds seem to embrace the atmosphere on this spin. However, it is Clements piano strokes that grab your undivided attention with several tempo changes, the interplay between Bradette and Clements create a very satisfying push-n-play!

One only needs to sit back and close ones eyes to experience the angelic approach of Clements "All I Can Give," a cut which soothes the most difficult of times. Again, the exchange between sax and piano examines and executes the expertise his compositions offer the genre. After numerous spins Clements has much to be content of for the project showcases the genuine heart and feel of fine artistry, from composition to arrangement, this project by Clements is nothing short of exquisite! Clements latest offering in 2007 is "Waiting for you.... " A worthy performance for all to embrace!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Alex Clements
  • CD Title: Waiting for you...
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Self
  • Rating: One Star
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