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Watercolor by Kerry Politzer Trio

Politzer’s second release is a self contained swinging session. Her creative spirit prevails throughout.

Watercolor is a tapestry of aural colors. Beautiful and intricate lines prevail. Fabrcatore’s bass provides the anchor Politzer needs to explore various chord progressions and variations It’s interesting how the intensity grows and the exploration deepens with every chorus. Exhilarating, and a fine example of the control this trio has. Rhythmically satisfying, as well as a fine intro of what is to come.

A snappy tune follows. Sparks is a conversation between notes. You can almost hear the dialogue. Politzer’s skill has a writer shines. After stating the theme, she heads off into new territory. Her improvisations are both uplifting and fun to listen to. It’s a ride that satisfies to the core.

Creating a mood, and a scene right from the start, it may seem that A Foggy Day is a dark, and weary version. Upon further listening, it is a beautiful rendition with nice brush work from McLemore, and cascading piano from Politzer that sounds like a gentle rain. The underlying mood prevails throughout. Using her left hand to great effect we come to the end of an interesting day.

Fabricatore struts his stuff on Simmer, a catchy tune with some nice finger work. His melodic lines compliment Politzer’s dancing fingers.

Politzer’s fluid style as well as a welcomed exchange of ideas between McLemore and Politzer on Whim seal this rhythmically satisfying gem.

A quick waltz like tempo introduces us to Identity. The trio engages itself right away. A cohesiveness among them is evident. Politzer sinks her teeth into the melody and her cunning chops add greatly to the end result which is a satisfying outing.

Politzer’s skill as a pianist, improviser and songwriter are prevalent throughout this recording. With solid drumming and bass work, we have a winning combination. Politzer takes great pleasure in exploring different musical challenges. Look for more from this talented artist.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Kerry Politzer Trio
  • CD Title: Watercolor
  • Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Modern
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Polisonic
  • Tracks: Watercolor, Sparks, Early Spring Chill, a Foggy Day, Whim, Waiting, Woodpecker, Silent Morning, Waltz For Charlie, Identity, Simmer, Green Light.
  • Musicians: Kerry Politzer, piano. Dan Fabricatore, bass. Scott McLemore, drums.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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