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Romantika by Anders Holst

Swedish born and New York based artist/music producer Anders Holst has self-released his debut album, Romantika. Here he exudes brightness, while deploying intensity and thoughtfulness through ten pieces that are exquisitely executed.

Romantic elements are very often evoked in this framework. Anders Holst’s vocalizing is in every way notable. On "Fight The Tide," the vocalist consorts intense motifs with keyboardist Mats Bystrom, vibraphonist Mattias Starhl, guitarist Jerker Eklund, bassist Thobias Gabrielson and drummers Per Lindvall and Alar Suurna. In this piece the soloist relishes bountiful breathing, while his band mates usher in the theme with some swimming-like voices. Tracks such as "Tainted Shots", "Innocent and Blue" and "Make It Shine" are also remarkable.

Anders Holst’s singing is breezy, his diction reaches toward excellence and the lyrics envelop deep meaning. The crooner’s whispery voice overflows with jaunty expression, force, and prominent vocal skills which in exchange endow the winning frontier in his endeavor. The album itself highlights Holst’s ability to perform cool jazz and groove. The compositions are tinted with orchestrated overtones, as Holst’s band mates provide robust accompaniment.

The shaft of light from this release is that Holst’s song writing melds fervent, solicitous, fanciful lyrics with strains that will touch your heart, mind and soul. The album carries plenteous structures and an overall gloomy lyric, interpreted with an amazing fiery knock. Anders Holst and this release will drive you through a sentimental pilgrimage, visiting jazz and blues in contemporary soundscapes. Heartily recommended!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Anders Holst
  • CD Title: Romantika
  • Genre: Cool Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Independent Release
  • Tracks: All About Soul, Make it Shine, Tainted Shots, Told You A Thousand Times, Fight the Tide, Innocent & Blue, Two Sides, Across The Border, Lonelier Laughter, Lovers In The Dark
  • Rating: Four Stars
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