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Sunny Day Theory by Lisa Hilton

Jazz pianist Lisa Hilton again holds firmly the direction of her legacy; with her new diabolically-seductive 2008 spin, Sunny Day Theory.

Sunny Day Theory manipulates the senses and holds sway within any setting as the Hilton ivories are unlimited with the touch of her compassionate impressions. Ms. Hilton continues to unclog the arteries of jazz trends; with a new injection of cunningly-complex yet deliciously-stroked palettes of sound. Lisa Hilton, no more a young lioness in the industry after ten ignitions from the heart; she sheds her novice coat to become one of the "revivalists of respect" for the piano jazz technique.

Often overlooked yet never veiled, is her gift of composing. Ms. Hilton is the classic able practitioner of world-class musicianship. Not just by performing but more so, within her artistic architecture. Ms. Hilton strives to re-invent herself with every music sheet and concept, set on a firm foundation!

As an orphan of the flower power generation, I was inspired once again by "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," set to Ms Hilton’s touch. Written as a call for peace by Pete Seeger, performed by The Kingston Trio, this idealistic classic has exceptional vision in this Hilton composition. The innocence of the melody and tone is characteristic of Ms. Hilton’s movements. As rare as these covers are done by her, the embers of this classic are stirred by her innovative interpretations.

Lisa Hilton fashions many hats; producer, arranger, composer, and artist, and as many hats as she adorns, the one she showcases most is composer. This is a gift. A gift which in the case of spin "So Blue," navigates and performs a cunning and complex genre (blues); yet in the hands of composer Ms. Hilton, becomes a sophisticated sway with a dramatic back-alley bluesy ardor. This is a diverse heart that beats; as it generates emotion.

Lisa Hilton is not just a performer she is a multi-dimensional marquee of jazz charm. As she approaches the bench she lifts the arches of audiences young and old. Sunny Day Theory is just another step into a lovely sphere that has just begun to rotate on its impassioned axis!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Lisa Hilton
  • CD Title: Sunny Day Theory
  • Genre: Cool Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Ruby Slippers Productions
  • Tracks: Heat Wave, Melt Down, So Blue, Ladies of the Canyon, After The Fire, Sunny Day Theory, Skylark, So This Is Love, Where Have All The Flowers Gone?, Malibu Morning, Sunset On The Beach, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
  • Musicians: Lisa Hilton (piano), Lewis Nash (drums), Larry Grenadier (bass), Brice Winston (tenor sax)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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