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Maferefun by Tony Martinez & The Cuban Power

The first time I listened to this, I was amazed at its cool intensity. The second time I listened to this, I heard the magic and power and straight-forward joy behind the cool intensity! This is a CD that should appeal to all jazz listeners. There is much, much perfection in the selections from this Cuban sound performed by musician-composer-arranger-saxophonist Tony Martinez, and his group of brilliant fellow musicians Gonzalo Rubalcaba on keyboards and piano, Julio Padron on trumpet, Gendrickson Mena on trumpet, Leandro Saint-Hill on saxophones, Dany Martinez on guitar and bass, Eduardo Dudu Penz on bass, Miguel Anga Diaz on congas and percussion, Julio Barreto on drums and percussion, Alberto Stivens on timbales, bongos and percussion, Rodrigo Rodriguez on maracas, Aldolfo Alberto El Chumi on batas (track 8), Julio Davalos doing excellent recitation of Yoruba prayer and chekere (track 8) and Arnaldo Martinze and Mayra Leon on vocals. The CD was mixed by Joe Ferla and originally recorded in Switzerland. The title of the CD, "Maferefun" is a Yoruba word which means "blessing to the divine grace." There is much of the beautiful Orisha influence in this music which greatly enhances its appeal and complexity of sound expression. Various artists contribute some vocals at different points, always allowing the music to hold full power and sway! That Tony Martinez is a master of the saxophone is evident on this CD. His group The Cuban Power plays in flawless performances, always full of vitality! Tony Martinez was born in 1968 in Camaguey, Cuba and currently lives in Bern, Switzerland. The selections include: "Tumbao pa' mi timbal," "Mr. Coltrane," "Homenaje A Emiliano," "A Babalu Aye," CD (a very unusual work that will linger in the listeners' thoughts long after it has concluded!), among others and the playing time for the CD is 69:30 minutes. An excellent CD filled with long selections that explore and develop and create, something for everybody to enjoy! This is a must-have CD for all listeners who enjoy the Cuban jazz experience in all of its complex and beautiful mystery, each song a mystery revealed in toto for those who listen carefully and with much imagination! "Maferefun" is a masterpiece.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tony Martinez & The Cuban Power
  • CD Title: Maferefun
  • Genre: Cubop
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Blue Jackel Entertainment
  • Rating: Five Stars
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