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Mallet Hands by Ray Armando

MALLET HANDS is Ray Armando at his finest! Great Cubop music is in every selection. If you like jazz, be it Brazilian, Latin, or Cuban, this CD is for your collection!

There are 8 lengthy and very enjoyable selections on the CD, including "Con Mi Guaguanco," "The Boxer," "Eighty One," "Mallet Hands," "Take The A Train," "Soko," "Elizete," "In Sid's Thing," and "As We Were." "Soko," playing time at 8:20 minutes, is a Cubop delight as is the selection "The Boxer" which features the fantastic performance of saxophonist Benn Clatworthy.

Jorge Valentin Gaffenito aka George Gaffney is great on every one of the selections he performs on, his jazz piano sounds in a jazz world that is as unique as his subtle playing. Gaffney accompanied singer Sarah Vaughn for eleven years and also has performed musically with singers Carmen MacRae, Peggy Lee, Natalie Cole, and Frank Sinatra and has won two Emmy awards. Gaffney is in topnotch form for this CD as is the legendary Ray Armando! "The Boxer," running time 5:21 minutes, and "Elizete," running time 5:11 minutes, deserve air play time on jazz radio, and are songs you can pleasantly get caught up in as the sound and beat is so accessible to the listener!

MALLET HANDS is one great collection of Cubop music, and if you enjoy this type of music as most of us do, purchase this one for a gift and your home library CD collection! Excellent in all ways! Five stars Cubop!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ray Armando
  • CD Title: Mallet Hands
  • Genre: Cubop
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Record Label: Ubiquity Recordings
  • Musicians: Ray Armando, conga drummer, percussionist, composer, leader. Benn Clatworthy, saxophone, composer. Jorge Valentin Gaffenito aka George Gaffney, guitarist. Eddie Resto, baby bass. Enzo Todesco, drums. Theo Saunders, pianist. Jose "Papo" Rodriguez, percussion. Robertito Melendez, bongos.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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