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Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 11 by Various

It’s not about jazz in the literal sense, other than perhaps a few passages dappled throughout these 12 works by various groups and musicians. However, the artists presented on this prominent Germany-based record label intimate the upbeat vibe generally set forth by the core jazz element. As this album intimates the future sounds of jazz and what could playfully or coyly be viewed upon as a form of outgrowth.

The compilation presents the label’s roster of DJ’s, Club Music proponents and remix experts. Brimming with youthful vigor and danceable grooves, these folks largely intertwine melodic overtures and peppy backbeats amid layered synth sounds and more. For example, take the artist (or group?) known as Joash, who implements a bustling Latin jazz drum beat as a prelude for the hugely appealing piece titled "Salome," where the sounds of vibraphones, strings and oboes depict a lush, multilayered backdrop.

Several of these pieces denote previously unissued material. Regardless, it’s all about good cheer. Check out "Mit 66 Jahren" by James Din A4, which is an electrified world-music tune spiked with frothy grooves and programmatic rhythms. Other works feature subtly engineered EFX patterns that morph into harmonious ostinatos. And one of my favorite tracks is No Theory’s "Strictly Instrumental," which is a composition that projects spacey and darkly ambient swashes of sound, nicely contrasted by pulsating dance patterns. In spots, the performers unearth the sounds of classic disco music. But they lessen the antiquity by shading the intermittent themes with East Indian motifs and buoyant electronic drum patterns. Semantics aside, it’s high-end and top-shelf party music. Play it for your friends.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Various
  • CD Title: Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 11
  • Genre: Electronica
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Compost
  • Rating: Four Stars
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