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New Travel by 15 Degrees Below Zero

This West Coast-located trio pursues the art of multitasking while owing up to the press notes regarding its cinematic propensities, all iterated thru a gamut of stylizations, spanning classic space-rock to avant-garde noise music. At times, the musicians’ electronics-based processing techniques offer a sojourn into a great cosmic void amid layered keys and bustling pulses

The band often projects a massive sound via playful sonic assaults with a hodgepodge of analog and digital synths to complement standard instrumentation. Think of early Eno and Pink Floyd with off-kilter variations and phantasmagoric interludes, although the band does sport a noticeable edge due to heavily distorted sonic waves and complex rhythmic metrics. Nonetheless, the music comes at you from numerous angles, like shooting starts spewing forth from the sky, where some passages might induce notions of shock therapy.

On the piece titled "Sunday Drive," the trio’s roaring EFX, and military-march type progressions emit a feeling of being in some futuristic manufacturing plant, well, that’s my take on it, in lieu of a calming Sunday drive. Then with "Transition," they produce a sprawling alien soundscape that could very well serve as a score about the Big Bang Theory. In sum, this unit provides plenty of ammo for one’s psyche to run rampant. A Top-flight venture all the way....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: 15 Degrees Below Zero
  • CD Title: New Travel
  • Genre: Electronica
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Edgetone Records
  • Musicians: Daniel Blomquist (laptop, samplers, keyboards, effects, mixing, processing), Michael Addison Mersereau (guitar, keyboards, vocals, harmonica, effects, mixing, processing, etc), Mark Wilson(pedals, contact mics, vocals, keyboards, laptop, samplers, other effects, mixing, processing, etc)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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