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Our Favorite Things by NUSPIRIT HELSINKI

Per the album marketing notes, the production team Nuspirit Helsinki compiled their Favorite Things, featuring Scandinavian artists and remixers who generate a genre-hopping array of musical notions. And it’s an irrefutably appealing endeavor that provides a heartwarming glimpse into Northern European jazz elements along with danceable electronica.

Matters get off to a quiet and melodic start with the mallet instrument-based Aisha Duo, who perform an animated and ambient rendition of guitar great Ralph Towner’s minor-classic piece "Beneath An Evening Sky." Here, the musicians improvise around the primary melody via a somewhat melancholic stance. While remixes such as "Nuspirit Helsinki Electrodub Mix," incorporate a jazz-inflected set of metrics amid booming bass patterns and delicate keys.

The group Cocorosie's "Noah's Ark," is a study in contrasts, where a toy-like piano groove spawns an endearing effect within a softly circular theme that brings to mind minimalist composer Philip Glass. As Flegelschlag’s "Zwei Elfen" is constructed upon an ambient piano motif that is anchored with spacious textures and EFX to complement a broad musical plane. Moreover, there are several melodically shaded, house-music pieces interspersed throughout the program. No doubt, this is a refreshingly nouveau disc that offers many slants within the musical roads frequently traversed. It’s become a household favorite as well....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: NUSPIRIT HELSINKI
  • CD Title: Our Favorite Things
  • Genre: Electronica
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Backdrop
  • Rating: Four Stars
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