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The Door by Brian Citro & Charles Gorczynski

Acoustic guitar, saxophone and electronic media and effects go into the production of The Door by Brian Citro and Charles Gorczynski. The CD is a soundtrack to the Bruce Wood’s film of the same name.

The composers of the music, Citro and Gorczynski, wrote from the script of the film. Each track was created to illustrate a scene or theme in the movie. The music tells the story through its imagery. The composers have created diverse emotions through the music. Excitement, suspense, mystery, fear and joy all come through at various points in the twenty one tracks of the album.

With song titles such as "Improvisation 1" through to "Improvisation 12" and "Circle One" through to "Circle Three," it’s quite obvious that originality with song titles was not a priority. Creating mood music was high on the agenda and they have succeeded in doing just that. The music plays straight ahead with minimal amounts of abstract themes. That would have aided in maintaining interest if played only in a listening mode. The moody, blues feel prevalent in many tunes creates the melancholy tone and texture that illustrates components of the movie.

The sound quality of the CD is of a high quality. The musicians play well, there are some really nice saxophone lines, interesting percussion and lots of funky electronic effects. On one of the longest tracks of the CD "Shine" at seven minutes in length, you would think that the verse is looped. At about the half way point of the track, the same rhythmic melody continues and will continue to approximately the end of the track with very little variance.

As a background to a movie, this soundtrack will definitely work. Your focus is on the characters or the action of the scene. The musical imagery playing repetitively in the background adds to the overall content of the movie. As a stand-alone musical project, I would have to say without reservation, check out the movie.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Brian Citro & Charles Gorczynski
  • CD Title: The Door
  • Genre: Electronica
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Dreamfast Cinema
  • Rating: One Star
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