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Emerge and See by Tricycle

This is the debut CD from Tricycle, a four piece band from Toronto. The music they make falls somewhere between folk, jazz and bluegrass. The bluegrass feel is mostly because of the banjo lead by Jayme Stone, who does things with the instrument that displays a versatility few associate with the banjo. The four members of this group have individually played in a variety of styles, but they work beautifully together in this initial release effort.

Each track has something special, but they are all anchored by the banjo work and the interplay between Stone on banjo and Manaugh on guitar. The first track features a bright trumpet solo by guest artist Gordon Allen. "Murmur" has the banjo playing the melody which is followed by bongo and bass solos. The title track "emerge and see" features guitar work by Kevin Manaugh. "Capetown" has a folky sound from the banjo with drum work by Kevin Coady sounding like an Irish dance. "Bedouin Blues" is right out of the middle east with banjo and guitar solos. "Sing It Right..." has more trumpet work by Allen and "The Roads We Know" features bow work by Stone and sensitive solos by Manaugh on guitar and Mathew on bass. "The Unseen" is appropriately haunting and "Four Strikes" has more outstanding banjo and guitar solos with the bass and drums jamming together, culminating in the whole group jamming together to take it on out. The last track "You Still Hear" has a repetitive figure which builds in intensity to the last note.

The compositions are all original, all written by Jayme Stone with the exception of tracks 5, 8 and 10 written by Kevin Manaugh and track 11 written by Tricycle.

The group obviously enjoys playing together and makes joyful music. If you want to take an enjoyable musical trip, go by Tricycle.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tricycle
  • CD Title: Emerge and See
  • Genre: Folk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Radio Tricycle
  • Rating: Four Stars
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