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Unified Folk Theory by The Giving Tree Band

Containing 33 original songs, Unified Folk Theory is a double disc set manufactured in the most environmentally friendly manner at the wind-powered studios of Earthology Records. Beautiful custom illustrations on the recycled post-consumer paperboard cases are a labor of love by Chicago artist Ania Klimiuk.

Receiving rave reviews even before the release of Unified Folk Theory, The Giving Tree Band consists of four creative vocalists, musicians and songwriters, delighting audiences around the world. Back in their hometown Chicago, the band is in constant demand for their lively all-acoustic performances.

Living what they sing, transforming words into a journey through time, The Giving Tree Band promotes wholesome, earth friendly living, giving back to the community through their songs and their gifts raising funds for several organizations including Hand In Hand USA, Prairie Rivers Network and Growing Home Farm providing job training and challenging employment opportunities for homeless and low-income people in the Chicago area. They also donate ten trees for every 1,000 CD sets sold.

Sharing their lives through the album Unified Folk Theory, the group sings of love won, love lost, mysteries of the universe and pleasantries of just ‘being’. "Sunshine Baby" is a rousing song of love promising a commitment of love forever. Just as perky, yet a little more somber, "True Love" is a wistful searching for the real thing. Remembering a complex time, "Room Full of Boxes" tells a tale of living alone with boxes and a guitar while friends are out enjoying each other’s company.

Slower tempo, "Crooked Creek Crawl" cautions against being influenced or taken in by friends who are ‘not quite’ friends. Still folk, shaded with bluegrass, "Wild Girl" chronicles are young woman living too fast and the singer’s yearning for her to come on home. Ready to settle down, "Hit The Road" takes us into the author’s life at a time when he’s ready to build a home and get away from the empty lifestyle he’s been living.

After all the upbeat, spirited tunes, the band closes the album with a slow, melodic, enchanting "Blessed Are The Peacemakers." This is a fitting end for a group believing in peace and unity.

With instruments crafted from fallen trees one guitar was created from a recycled piano! and fashioned by a luthier; performing live without amps or use of electricity, this band is totally committed to their belief of creating a better world for everyone. With backgrounds in jazz, rock & roll, bluegrass and classical music, the band has played at The House of Blues and The Hard Rock Café. They have been on the playbill with Willy Porter, Andrea Kapsalis, Shri Patrick Marks, Pine Leaf Boys and with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. With perfect timing, The Giving Tree Band release their gifted talents through Unified Folk Theory while the world is coming together in an effort to preserve our planet.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Giving Tree Band
  • CD Title: Unified Folk Theory
  • Genre: Folk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Crooked Creek Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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