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Vers Le Haut by Sandra Godoy

Even though Vers Le Haut is just Sandra Godoy second album (the first was Essencia on 2003), she is been singing professionally for 30 years now. Sandra career started in the late 70's in Sao Paulo, Brasil and in the 90's she was already working on different musical projects all over France and Europe.

Sandra wrote most of the french and portuguese lyrics on Vers Le Haut and co-wrote most of the music with producer/guitarrist/bassist/composer Laurent Tchen-Fo. The other musicians on Vers Le Haut are, Marc Buccafuri on guitars, cavaquinho and arrangements. Djamel Taouacht on percussions, Angelique Chamboneau and Cyrielle Roux on vocals.

Sandra sensual voice and sincere, heartfelt interpretations takes you through a voyage of fascinating and hypnotic melodies and rhythms. In every song you will find different influences. The beautiful melodies and vocal harmonies on Samboris, are reminiscent of african chants. The music and arrangements on Venez-Voir are also influenced by african rhythms. Songs like "Vers Le Haut" and "Razoes" almost feel like a slow reggae.

Sandra shows her gentle, romantic side on in songs like "Chez Moi", "Fils", "Je Suis Malade" and the beautiful waltz "Si un Jour." On "Deracinee" after a lovely acoustic guitar intro, Sandra wonderful voice lead us through a song full of images of her native Brasil.

"Moleke", one of the two songs with portuguese lyrics, has more of a brazilian feeling to it and is one of the more upbeats tracks on the album with excellent percussions by Djamel Taouacht and fantastic vocal harmonies by Angelique and Cyrielle. But one of my favorites is Mon Martien, with a latin, almost Caribbean rhythm that invites you to dance.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sandra Godoy
  • CD Title: Vers Le Haut
  • Genre: Folk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2010
  • Record Label: AOEDE Production
  • Tracks: Samboris, Cez Moi, Deracinee, Vers Le Haut, Moleke, Fils, Mon Martien, Razoes, Si Un Jour, Je Suis Malade, Venez Voir
  • Musicians: Sandra Godoy (vocals), Laurent Tchen-Fo (guitar, bass), Marc Buccafuri (guitar), Djamel Taouacht (percissions), Angelique Chambonneau (vocals, Cyrelle Roux (vocals)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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