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YNDE by Terje Sundby

Terje Sundby has appeared on many recordings over the past few years. This experience has led to the release of his first recording as leader. His Norwegian roots are evident throughout. YNDE is a rewarding effort on many levels. Long flowing melodies recalling Norwegian folklore, form the foundation of this work. The quintet delivers a unified offering sure to please many.

Svensson's distant trumpet sets the mood for a beautiful journey of cascading cymbals , and relaxed charm. Markusson's soft fingering, works well over a bed of subtle sax from Jonsson creating a moment reminiscent of Jan Garbarek's style of playing. As Ynde builds in suave intensity, the rhythmic pulse continues. Sunby's soft percussive work evokes a pastoral scene of great beauty and grace.

The quintet works well as a democratic unit. Equal time and space results in a more satisfying listen. Klinghagen's poignant and soft guitar work shine on the soothing and evocative Bittida. A lovely ballad keenly arranged by Sundby.

Jo-berg I is an exhilarating jaunt. Upbeat with many musical moments from the band. For example, Sunby's drum-work is direct and authoritative. He opens with various percussive delights. Taking command of the melody, Svensson and Jonsson ride the wave throughout. Controlled but at the same time restrained. These two work well together both stylistically and melodically. It's all about creating a musical portrait.

We are reintroduced to Svensson's distant trumpet with rolling mallets from Sundby. Markusson's subtle yet noticeable bass lines weave a web of pure serenity. Nasvis was written by Klinghagen. You can hear his gentle style of playing underneath the horns, with accents from Sundby. A fitting way to end a beautiful outing.

Sundby has created a space in time, surrounding it with beautiful phrasing, breezy melodies and an overall sense of calm and relaxation. In this hurried world we live in, YNDE reminds us of the importance of stepping back, and enjoying what we have. With excellent support from the group, Sundby is well on his way to marking his own musical territory. Utilizing his percussive skills and attention to creating a mood, YNDE is an enjoyable first outing from this talented drummer.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Terje Sundby
  • CD Title: YNDE
  • Genre: Folk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Imogena Records
  • Tracks: Pelourinho, Ynde, Jo-berg I, Jo-berg II, Bittida, Gula Rummet, Februari Natt, Tisk, Over Huvud Taget, Nasvis
  • Musicians: Staffan Svensson (trumpet), Tomas Jonsson (sax), Goran Klinghagen (guitar), Thomas Markusson (double bass), Terje Sundby (drums and percussion)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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