2 by Sumrra

Experimental jazz trio Sumrra create melodic improvisations wheeled by artisans Manuel Gutierrez (piano), Xacobe Martinez (bass), and L.A.R. Legido (drums). The group’s latest release 2 is filled with interlocking harmonies and shape shifting instruments, which form fields of troughs and summits with intricate clusters and sparse expressions. Something is always coming in and going out like a revolving door of instrument sessions. There is clarity in the melodic lines marshalling the phases that spur on the proceeding phases. It’s like capturing the evolution process of melodic patterns as it is happening. Sculpted transitions make the chord changes glide smoothly and logic can be detected in the group’s chaining of experimental verses. The music follows a focused thought process that allows the trio to stay on the same page while being a constant state of flux.

The plump bass notes and tingling piano keys of "Burla Negra" are tightly coordinated and firmly cemented while also producing a lot of bounce in the treads. It is physically challenging and puts a galloping strut in the tempo. Many of the tempos have a casual stride and a craving for freestyle décor. The ethereal tones and complementing piano spins of "Mala Memoria" are looped into elegant clusters and the darker tones of "Vida sen Pipa" are seamed by slowly rolling bass shivers and gently splayed piano keys. The artful hooks of "Minoria Absoluta" are clasped with intriguing chord changes, and the energetic momentum of "Red Roof Ridge" has a catchy quick step with sprightly piano keys keeping the tempo elevated. The mellow tones and leisurely coasting of "Estacion Norte" are enhanced by experimental stylistics, while the soft melodic stroll of "Litel" has soothing bass lines and lightly brushed drum strokes that will put you at ease.

Sumrra is an experimental jazz trio that shows logic in their melodic sensibilities. 2 is the follow up to the group’s 2002 self-titled record. Produced by the trio, their album 2 touches the fancy of those who like freestyle jazz to make sense. The energy levels and phases are continually changing but also keep a lineage to the configurations that were shaped before. It is like a road that the group continually adds to until they reach their destination. They conclude the album with the softly blowing melody "Litel," which make this euphoric place to be the end of 2’s road for Sumrra.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sumrra
  • CD Title: 2
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Errabel Jazz
  • Tracks: Burla Negra, Vida sen Pipa, Mala Memoria, Minoria Absoluta, Red Roof Ridge, Estacion Norte, Litel
  • Musicians: Manuel Gutierrez (piano), Xacobe Martinez (bass), and L.A.R. Legido (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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