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Achtung! by Wergeld

This album contains a richness of receptive interplay and intricate band interaction across seven pieces. Wergeld is the band and is composed by Domenico Caliri (electric guitar, effects), Giovanni Maier (double bass), and Zeno De Rossi (drums). Drummer De Rossi claims a burgeoning and interesting discography that has a loud voice; his contributions here are as saucy and innovative as any he's committed to record.

Wergeld’s improvisations do float through every melody above the formed pulses in tune with a distinct sense of mobility. With the opener title, Albert Ayler's "Light in Darkness", string lines snare nicely with De Rossi’s drum parts while Caliri and Maier enshrine a kind of groove. Here the trio executes abstract swing among a thoughtful de-orchestration.

Throughout "Il Pigiama Di Wagner", "Achtung!", John Zorn's "Zebdi", "Our Prayer" and "Cinderella’s Nightmare" many impetuous moments arose; Caliri and Maier spar with De Rosssi in a fitful feline, catfight game. While strings collide around one another in a playful jest, De Rossi acts as challenger. Always pushing and urging them, he rarely keeps stock in a groove before switching into another tempo. De Rossi has the ability to explore the many ranges of dynamics; his beats are executed through delicate statements. The spontaneous improvisations that make up "Achtung!" are wonders of empathetic creation. The trio springs unlined and unexpectedly from one approach to another, exploring a broad range of musical styles.

Wergeld expels waves of sounds, twisting and boiling with winding mindfulness, oft times meshing while in this musical journey, they whirl each other symbiotic support. Achtung! is an excellent release in which skill, sensitivity and mastery will awaken one’s attention.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Wergeld
  • CD Title: Achtung!
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: El Gallo Rojo Records
  • Tracks: Light in the Darkness, Il Pigiama Di Wagner, Achtung!, Zebdi, Our Prayer, Cinderella’s Nightmare, Ida Lupino
  • Musicians: Domenico Caliri (electric guitar, effects), Giovanni Maier (double bass), Zeno De Rossi (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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