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Acrobati Folli E Innamorati by Less of Five

This recording, produced and released by Los Angeles avant gardist Vinny Golia, features an interesting avant garde jazz quartet from Italy called Less of Five. The group is striking and imaginative, using their instruments in unorthodox ways to produce a wide range of sounds. The opening "Acrobati folli" sets an interesting tone for the rest of the record, seemingly picking up mid sentence with jarring piano from Giorgio Occhipinti and some throaty sax from Olivia Bignardi. "Le calmar dans le bassin" follows that with the first appearance of the prepared piano adding some harp like effects. "Cus cus" gives drummer Antonio Moncada and bassist Giuseppe Guarrella free play on their instruments, with Occhipinti adding some nice percussion effects and Bignardi keeping fairly low-key.

Most of the album's fifteen tracks are fairly brief; two tracks, "Uma onda de musica continua" and "Temoignage de poximitie" are sprawling ten minute free explorations, while the rest last only a few minutes--long enough to present and develop an interesting idea or two without overstaying their welcome. Less of Five plays challenging and dense jazz. Olivia Bignardi recalls Albert Ayler a bit in her husky tone, while the pensive moodiness of the tunes and their cascades of piano bear a passing resemblance to recent Wayne Shorter recordings. Interesting stuff, well worth a listen.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Less of Five
  • CD Title: Acrobati Folli E Innamorati
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label:
  • Rating: Three Stars
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