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Altrastrata by Blast

Listening to this band sparks notions of a child trying to figure out the mechanics of a newly received toy. Based in the Netherlands, this quartet does its best to defy the rules, by deconstructing the tried and true. Dirk Bruinsma’s rhythmically oriented sax parts often provide an understated framework for his band-mates’ abrupt time changes and inauspicious sub-motifs. They move forward with the zeal of a hard rock outfit, featuring Frank Cruns’ blitzing crunch chords, and the rhythm section’s hammering pulses. However, the band does abide by a regimented approach, counterbalanced by EFX treatments, and a few unabashed stabs at humor. It’s a musical roller coaster ride for sure, as the musicians stretch their imaginations via a full throttle approach to the program. On this effort, you’ll hear dazzling, odd-metered shifts in tempo, and carefully developed themes. But the overall unpredictability of this affair provides much of the excitement. Here and there, the artists toss in some playful, free-jazz style passages. They keep you on the edge of reason, where rumbling and tumbling underpinnings are morphed into one turbulently enacted saga after another. Add a few ethereal movements into the grand scheme of things, and by the end of the total listening experience, you might be shaking your head in astonishment. Strongly recommended....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Blast
  • CD Title: Altrastrata
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: ReR Megacorp
  • Tracks: Walking Matters, H.O.I, Tectonic Re-Bith, Multi Salsa, Taliba Orgena, Scape, On Ice, Agatesa
  • Musicians: Dirk Bruinsma (soprano/baritone sax - flute - electro-acoustics), Frank Cruns (electric guitar - devices), Paed Coca (electric bass - devices - electronics), Fabrizio Spera (drums - percussion - cither - electro-acoustic objects)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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