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Anacronics by Sergi Sirvent & Santi Careta

Emerging from the avant-garde, Catalan scene guitarist Santi Careta and pianist Sergi Sirvent comprise a duo of two out-standing improvisers. Anacronics portray substance that comes out of its pertinent epoch .... they improvise with parachronism penned under well-know standards.

Some gems are well off the block as "I love you, Porgy", "You Do Something To Me" "Isfahan" and "Soul Eyes" in which the rhythms lead to an aesthetic exploration with many spaces of freedom, constructed with great feeling.

Sirvent and Careta’s phraseology is not conventional at all; it is a dialogue, a mix of clamor and dish. The duo exhausts a great sound palette, shifting between atonal intervals and gaps. Throughout the thirteen tracks Anacronics broaches the outgrowth of form from free territories. Stirring and inquisitive arrangement shine from this duo’s string instrumentation.

Sirvent and Cartea have accomplished a formidable oeuvre, eclectic in musical styles. Their interest for standards swims in free waters yet is also rooted in known euphonies. Both artists organize and present a large of voices, rhythms and mastery on string instrumentation, adding to an unrestrained release, far beyond the music of the fifties or sixties and fantastically laying in this day and age.

Anacronics ought to sharpen your lust for music from one creative period in jazz history and also from the avant-garde. Keep an eye on these musicians!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sergi Sirvent & Santi Careta
  • CD Title: Anacronics
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Fresh Sound Records
  • Tracks: You do something to me, soul eyes, Dewey square, I love you, Porgy, In walked bud, Isfahan, FAM, El petit príncep i Cadaqués, I fall in love too easily, Look for the silver lining, Whatll I do, Lush life La balada del trobador de les esferes
  • Rating: Four Stars
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