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Caetitu (2007) by Yedo Gibson - Veryan Weston - Marcio Mattos - Martin Bl

Music improvisation is a language unto itself as this multi-national unit proves that point to the highest degree. Recorded live at a venue in Cologne, Germany., this quartet professes a multitude of ebbs, flows, styles and intuitive or at times didactic exchanges that signify some of the finer attributes of free-improv. For whatever reason, the album is named after a Brazilian animal that looks like a spotted hog or boar. Therefore, the quartet might indeed parallel the traits of an animal that can be docile, yet ferocious when approached. But these are just off-the-cuff guess-timations on my part.

The band launches its sinuous attack with the opener titled "Flush and Harmonize." On this piece, Yedo Gibson (Brazil) uses his Eb clarinet to instill some whimsy via lighthearted and animated phrasings. Then pianist Veryan Weston (U.K.) scatters a pliant framework across the perimeter while bassist Marcio Mattos (Brazil) and drummer/percussionist Martin Blume (Germany) lay out the asymmetrical cadences. Here and throughout many of these passages, the lead soloists traverse all registers amid tiny fusions of melody and greater amounts of contrasting bursts of dissonance. And in many areas, tempers (musically speaking) flare up amid the musicians tension and release incarnations.

On the second piece "Membrance Source," they execute a non-linear and somewhat ethereal framework, treated with Mattos use of electronics and Gibson’s moody tenor sax lines. Yet all hell breaks loose on the third and final work titled "No Repeats," where the unit bobs, weaves, rises and descends via swirling countercurrents and fiery exhortations. Nonetheless, this is an all-encompassing exposition that communications a sense that these folks were acutely in-tune and the group-centric synergy was on the money as they say. (Recommended.... )

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Yedo Gibson - Veryan Weston - Marcio Mattos - Martin Bl
  • CD Title: Caetitu (2007)
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: EMANEM
  • Tracks: Flush and Harmonize , Membrance Source, No Repeats
  • Musicians: Yedo Gibson (tenor saxophone, Eb clarinet), Veryan Weston (piano), Marcio Mattos (double bass, electronics), Martin Blume (drums set, percussion)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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