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Change This Song by Trio Braam De Joode Vatcher

Dutch pianist, Michiel Braam and bassist, Wilbert De Joode as well as American drummer, Michael Vatcher, are not only multivalent artists, they are also serendipitous men: the trio recording live, "Nightsong Aches" on February 2005 at the inauguration of the new gorgeous and impressive Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

Change This Song hides the puzzling opus on Braam’s mind. As for every piece composed for this album, Michiel played palindrome with the phrase and phrases, swapping notes to make different words and phrases--songs--.

The trio Braam, De Joode and Vatcher pomp their own perfervid handicraft in drilled interpolations. The ten pieces are arrayed with comely rattles, heartfelt interplay and tidy but not so inordinate solos. On "Nightsong Aches" and "Can Ghosts Neighh?" De Joode is an exquisite paragon of poetic bass playing as he so deftly evinces on "Angsts, Once High" and "Hatching Segno’s," in which his arco work is immaculate and overzealous as well as lilting. On "Songs Each Night," "Gosh, Ethnics Gan" and "High Agons Scent" Vatcher clinches balefully with ominous and wildly crashing cymbals/drums.

Braam actually embezzles every song with his upheld contrivance, settling well-nigh, elongating and crepitating the somatic piano criterions. "Angsts, Once High," "Congesting Hash," "High Agons Scent," and "Hotch As Ginseng" aren’t outspokenly blunt or encompassed music, replenished as it is with draconian atonal/tonal hits and artful-peripheral dwelling elegancy, but it’s sprightfully fascinating in an enactment of the magnitude of Braam, De Joode and Vatcher’s wisdom bandy.

Change this Song proves that improvisers with the calibre of Braam, De Joode and Vatcher are clever enough to make music with soul and passion and correlating that passion in Dutch jazz creation form; sojourn entities of a redemption blessing.

At another time after the première, Braam was able to amaze audiences once again at the Bimhuis, extending the Change this Song trio compositions into a sextet formation, adding exceptional melodic voices with reedists, Frans Vermeerssen and Frank Gratkowski plus trumpet icon, Herb Robertson. There, every body had more possibilities for giving different cues .... but this will be the subject of another review. Chastening Gosh ! Braam knows How Enacts Song....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Trio Braam De Joode Vatcher
  • CD Title: Change This Song
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: BBB
  • Tracks: Angsts, Once High, Hotch As Ginseng, Snitch An Egg, Soh, Songs Each Night, Can Ghosts Neigh?, Congesting Hash, Nightsong Aches, Gosh, Ethnics Gan, Hatching Segnos
  • Musicians: High Agons Scent. '
  • Rating: Five Stars
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