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Chicago Duos: First Look by Roscoe Mitchell & Tatsu Aoki

First Look flashes with wide jazz images in a free jazz style, and reveals the great talents of its composers, Roscoe Mitchell and Tatsu Aoki. The music has a magical spirit all its own and it will most appeal to those who are fans of these two musicians and enjoy free jazz at its finest.

There are nine songs on the CD. Each represents the artist at his best. The songs include: "In," "East Side Easy," "Number Five Wings Place," "The Journey," "Glide," "Dot," "Journey For the Cause," "Yoshihashi," and "Out." The listener will find each song a different jazz experience in the free jazz mode.

Yoshihashi is a strangely intricate composition and reveals how well these two composers mix together in a musical performance. The jazz themes are evident. Another intriguing song in "The Journey," with its playing time of 15:11minutes. "Dot" will be of special delight to those who enjoy the inner workings of free jazz in this spirited performance!

If you are new to the sounds of these two performers, this is a good introduction to their skills and techniques as performers. This is also a fine example of the music they compose together.

This CD is highly recommended for those who enjoy the performances of Roscoe Mitchell, Tatsu Aoki, and their provocative free jazz stylings. Congratulations for making this unique CD possible go to Southport, a leading producer of Chicago jazz.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Roscoe Mitchell & Tatsu Aoki
  • CD Title: Chicago Duos: First Look
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Southport
  • Musicians: Roscoe Mitchell, flute, reeds, and percussion. Tatsu Aoki, acoustic bass, percussion.
  • Rating: Three Stars
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