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Cono di Ombra e Luce by EA Silence

EA Silence, EA stands for electro acoustic, crosses boundaries of tradition, defying any standard free jazz trio setting. The set up for trios, classical, jazz, rock, blues, pop or contemporary generally features keys, strings and percussion or some variation on that theme. EA Silence, a group based in Italy, features bass and two lead instruments, trumpet/Flugelhorn and bassoon. There are many moments during the recording where electronics take over, mood setting, digital ambiance, experimentation or simply as an instrument of affect. The music is open, dark and slow paced with tones, notes and rhythms being pulled across long drawn out melodies.

Cono di Ombra e Luce is a listenable, moody concerto of electronica, bass and trumpet with the boundary defying bassoon once again sounding as a cross between a baritone saxophone and a bass clarinet. The CD is made up of eight compositions, where one ends and another begins is as much a matter of a change in mood as a long pause between thoughts.

Mirio Cosottini whether playing trumpet or Flugelhorn maintains a pleasurable tone and hits some chilling notes. Alessio Pisani on bassoon and contra-bassoon blends nicely when in concert with the trumpet. As a lead instrument however there is limited depth of tonal colour. Luca Cartolari handles the bottom end by way of electric bass, electronic bass tones and other subtle electronic effects that all blend to make for a meditative, sonic experience.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: EA Silence
  • CD Title: Cono di Ombra e Luce
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Amirani Records
  • Tracks: After Machines,Medusa, Nuovi Topi ad Ur, Jaquar e Aimee, Avvio, Assenza, ExMod2, Si Chinera al Vento
  • Musicians: Luca Cartolari (electronics, electric bass) Mirio Cosottini (trumpet, flugelhorn), Alessio Pisani ( bassoon, contra-bassoon)
  • Rating: Two Stars
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