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Crooning The Anger by Henry Taylor

El Gallo Rojo Records has produced a wonderful release in 2005 which features amazing voices from Italy such as reedist Enrico Sartori, pianist Fabrizio Puglisi, bassist Antonio Borghini and drummer Zeno De Rossi. The collective is a called Henry Taylor.

Reedist Enrico Sartori is the main composer here although the release also crafts other band member’s creations. The scheme is a mingling of eight originals. De Rossi, Puglisi, Sartori and Borghini engage a powerful interplay in "Il Giallo", setting the mood for the entire record. Sartori arduously performs with every song making it all the more eloquent when, while on his solo in "Triadi", he acutely builds the intensity with a series of syncopated chords. Borghini and De Rossi tarry in perfect synchrony, rejoining Sartori and Puglisi while keeping with a minimized elegance and boldness that characterize every tune.

"The Rebels", "Underdog", "Jesus Maria" receive the heed they deserve; themes imbued with meaning in an almost minimal approach that relies on subtle nuance and finely altered phrasing, rather than dramatic interpretation. Sartori and De Rossi seem sang-froid on the border of slow intermingling during "Dvjie Kune", but they create a lovely tension by never quite getting there.

Throughout this album, Sartori’s lyrical playing makes for some of the most memorable moments. And De Rossi, who emerged out of the European jazz scene as a player who's comfortable in any setting, is especially attuned to Puglisi and Borghini’s approach.

The Henry Taylor band is capable of much more. The band’s melodic writing dovetails perfectly with the sourced material. Crooning The Anger will appeal to listeners who love edginess or complexity in the music; those who love unassuming stances. Crooning The Anger deserves a meaningful listening for those who are looking beyond borders.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Henry Taylor
  • CD Title: Crooning The Anger
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: El Gallo Rojo Records
  • Tracks: Il Giallo, Triadi, Jesus Maria, O.C, The Rebels, Dvjie Kune, Underfdog, The Crooner
  • Musicians: Enrico Sartori (clarinet and alto sax), Fabrizio Puglisi (piano), Antonio Borghini (double bass), Zeno De Rossi (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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