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Dead Men (are heavier than broken hearts) by Christopher Woitach and the Cathexis Orchestra

Oh! How lucky can one be in having Christopher Woitach’s latest release Dead Men (are heavier than broken hearts), written as a tribute to the crime and literature noir author Raymond Chandler.

The Chandleresque private eye style has marked a big influence in film noir. Chandler’s erudition reviews on pulp fiction, hardboiled styles, similes, parodies and pastiches, recalling crime and passion, fatality, decaying characters, blossomy settings, despair.... and the fated characteristics of film noir. What is essential to know is that all of Chandler's novels have been adapted for film noir, most notably Howard Hawks The Big Sleep (who don’t remember the scenes of the incendiary couple Bogie/Baby?).

Besides, jazzy elements were introduced on film noir in the 40s, but factual jazz scores really appeared from the 50s. When jazz creation is blended with film-noir, the alchemy magically works in a right balance.

Woitach pays tribute to Chandler’s written moods on « Playback », « Openings1 «, « Marlowe’s Roscoe », The Simple Art of Murder", "Dames", "High Window", "The Big Sleep".... nine gems that prove how Chandler brings to mind an academic iconic and intriguing reference.

As the great composer, guitarist and man of learning Woitach can be, it took him ten years to concoct this project. These cooking substances have nothing to do with an assemblage of the worst clichés of jazz inspired by fiction/film noir. This is an out-standing release with the essential qualities required to introduce Chandler’s technical side.

Woitech inflects superstitious jazzy lyricisms blessed with the extensive ability that his band reveals through their instrumental and vocal hackings, particularly on "Playback" culminating in an arduous-gloomy and poly-measured consonance of "The Big Sleep".

The success of Woitach’s inspired latest piece of art sojourns in his talent to mix up sounds and vocals which will gather many kinds of listeners. After all.... every life has a Chandleresque side and Woitach’s caught/crushed sound machineries on destiny will delight the jazz and film-noir passionate coterie for sure. Five stars!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Christopher Woitach and the Cathexis Orchestra
  • CD Title: Dead Men (are heavier than broken hearts)
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Teal Creek Records
  • Tracks: Playback, Openings1, Marlowe’s Roscoe, The Simple Art of Murder, Dames, High Window, The Big Sleep
  • Musicians: Christopher Woitach (guitar, v-guitar), Greta Matassa and Stephanie Porter (vocals), Tom Bergeron (alto saxophone, vocals), Keller Coker (trombone, vocals), Tim Jensen (flute, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, vocals), Dan Schulte (bass), Julian Macdonough (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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