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Diablo En Musica by Herb Robertson Rich Messbauer Tom Sayek

Herb Robertson, Rich Messbauer and Tom Sayek’s release, Diablo En Musica, emerges into the spectrum of great avant-garde jazz musical inputs. It defies harsh categorization, since it often engrafts disparate musical layouts into the scope of this work. In this acoustic trio, Robertson’s on-off switch changes the course between weird and somewhat inauspicious movements into full sound ore parts and multifarious fingering and mute manoeuvres. In addition, drummer Tom Sayek lodges in as a strong ward off. On various tracks, the band inflicts improv and free parameters into heated jazz grooves and swirling themes. Bassist Rich Messbauer prompts with textural and off-kilter lines while the trio weaves choruses plotted upon gloomy musings and boisterous Robertson escapades. On the piece "X-Rays," Robertson and Sayek render a touch of contemporary motif, but as the progression continues, they grub into torrid, free-jazz and improv swing vamps. Messbauer fuses arco and string stylizations into various motifs, yet the trio’s chemistry and mode of attack embodies hard-bop and semi-structured developments.

In essence, some of the trio’s compositions are constructed within free rhythmic cadences and with "Long Way Back" the artists generate a marvellous Celtic-like pattern atop swaging flows and trickling hard-bop swashes. Doubtless, Robertson’s vast horn flams and foxiness anticipation is in full duress here. On "Low Bow," the trio executes strange sounds with short-circuited dins attaining a middle-ground alongside acoustic twisted rhythms.

With Diablo En Musica, Herb Robertson, Rich Messbauer, and Tom Sayek inject hair-raising elements of soul and inspiring concepts into the grand skulduggery of avant-garde type matters.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Herb Robertson Rich Messbauer Tom Sayek
  • CD Title: Diablo En Musica
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Out/In: Space-Music
  • Rating: Five Stars
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