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Directions by Marcin Olés/Bartolomiej Bart Olés/Theo Jörgensmann

Directions is a substantial, free improvisation and structured quest embraced with unimpeachable instrumentalism, a strong sense of lyricism and a vitriolic purposiveness seldom sought. Considered "the best jazz album of 2005" by Diapazon in Poland, it’s indeed unquestioningly choice and will promise to beseech fans of free improv, contemporary and outer edges of tonal patterns.

This album is the result of a second collaboration by one of Europe’s well-nigh criminally under-notorious trios, comprising Theo Jörgensmann on bass clarinet, Marcin Olés on double bass and Bartolomiej Bart Olés on drums and percussion. The trio is ring-shaped on a core of musical clashes.

"Alpha-Beta-Blanka" bags the disc to a robust free inception with Jörgensmann and Brat Olés’s ambient sounds setting the keystone for a variety of halcyon musical soundscapes. Marcin Olés footmarks with an encompassed bass, determining the melody around the rift point. Bart Olés squeezes cymbals and curvatures. "Per Rata" (composed by Marcin Olés) coltishly starts on an offbeat-like tempo while Bart Olés’s booming drums scope a frenetic pace. "January 5" thrills in full-slope with the hub element of the trio’s aesthetic, featuring an absolutely crushing line from the drums/bass/clarinet assembly. It’s an auspicious piece, filled with experimentation and a driving dynamic that is highlighted all over the set. Few bands could pull this virility off and even fewer with the coolness that Marcin Olés, Bartolomiej Bart Olés and Theo Jörgensmann convey.

"Giuffree" and "Aesthetic Directions" are the authorship of Jörgensmann. Though Jörgensmann can unchain fussy layers of urgent freedom with springing, jazz-modulated phrases, he also discerns how to drift back, to place his horn in the above-board field of the trio. "Zen deTractorist", "Parbat", "Byway" and "Voices of the Threes" are Bart Olés inspirations. The drummer floats throughout each one with salient technique and turbulent rhythms, always displaying forceful, solid-kicking dynamics, challenging drum logic. Marcin Olés with his arco and strings collide with Jörgensmann, piercing waves and sparks of his own with each curl of his brother’s song ideas and musical structures.

This trio vividly empathizes and their passion is transmittable. Directions is dour to listen to without piercing into satisfactory grinning.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Marcin Olés/Bartolomiej Bart Olés/Theo Jörgensmann
  • CD Title: Directions
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Fenommedia
  • Tracks: Alpha-Beta-Blanka, Per Rata, January 5, Giuffree, Aestethic Direction, Zen deTractorist, Parbat, Byway, Voices of the Trees
  • Musicians: Theo Jörgensmann (Bb bassett clarinet), Marcin Olés (double bass), Bartolomiej Bart Olés (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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