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Dismiss Television by David Aaron

Who can pass by album titles such as "Obvious Sexism & the Unfortunate Media", "Short Memory", "No Recollection" and now "Dismiss Television"? David Aaron's sardonic titles are intriguing and worth a listen.

"Dismiss Television" is an experimental collection of uneven bits and pieces of Aaron's imagination. "Sophia" is a spoken piece with an accompanying strumming bass. Aaron attempts a portrait of a young woman's mundane day in the life. It is so mundane that it is lifeless. The comic potential descends into annoying. The wit is two-dimensional. No one will mistake him for David Sedaris.

Aaron fares better when he focuses on the music. "You Ought to Know" is a pop-bop piece that starts out as a duet, has a couple of nicely played solos: one has a Middle Eastern feel that is subtle and graceful, the other is a blustery bluesy saxophone wail by Aaron. This piece works quite well.

"Rabwar" has a roly-poly theme that quickly drifts into solos by bassist Pete Johnson and drummer Benn Ross followed by a dueling duet between Aaron and baritone saxophonist Dawn Hatfield. It feels like a piece that is wandering aimlessly, an array of stray thoughts, without a defining structure of the purpose of the piece.

"Jd4" has a similar theme to "Rabwar," but somehow it is pulled off better with sharp dollops of bop and soul. It feels off-the-cuff, rougher, looser with a broad nod to Charles Mingus. Pianist Marie Mcauliffe offers a sweet deft touch in contrast to the rougher saxophones and rhythm section. This is a piece that the elements of the band are held together by bassist Brad Jones. With his strong lead, the others are free to explore different corridors of their imaginations without getting lost and reaching dead-ends. A very nice accomplishment.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Aaron
  • CD Title: Dismiss Television
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Short Memory
  • Tracks: Dismiss Television, Sophia, Unbridled, You Oughta Know, Rabwar, Fallen Shelf,Jd4
  • Musicians: David Aaron (tenor saxophone, words), Pete Johnson (bass), Benn Ross (drums), Brad Jones (bass), Dave Sherer (drums), E.J. Rodriguez (drums), Dawn Hatfield (baritone saxophone), Roy Nathanson (tenor and baritone saxophone), Brent Butterworth (stick), Marie Mcauliffe (
  • Rating: Two Stars
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