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Double Take by Satoko Fujii Orchestra

The fiery brilliance that is pianist/composer/orchestra leader, Satoko Fujii, is very evident in the current 2-CD release, DOUBLE TAKE. Satoko Fujii is the one of the leaders in free jazz and improvisational jazz compositions, and this CD highlights her genius for such intricate jazz stylings. CD1 is the East Orchestra, and CD2 is the West Orchestra. Each CD contains over 70 minutes of unusual and creative music.

Satoko Fujii was a piano student at age 4 and discovered jazz in her 20s. She worked with such artists as Herb Pomeroy, Paul Bley, George Russell, and recorded her first CD (SOMETHING ABOUT WATER, 1996) with Paul Bley. She released a piano solo work in 1997 titled INDICATION.

What makes this new release so unusual is that it reflects two different jazz orchestras at work, performing in different settings and in different countries. One completed its recording in Okegawa, Japan, and the other completed its recording in New York City with Satoko Fujii as leader in each case.

Without doubt, Satoko Fujii is creating some of the most vigorous and intelligent free jazz & improvisational jazz currently being released for the enjoyment of jazz listeners everywhere, and each work she creates reveals her many talents. The four-part suite titled "Ruin" was recorded in Japan with the East Orchestra and is one of Satoko Fujii's most ambitious and successful creations.

Some outstanding gems on these two CDs, among them, East Orchestra's performances of "Ruin," and its different interpretation by West Orchestra. Also, the intriguing "Exile" by West Orchestra.

It is always good to hear Satoko Fujii on piano, and this 2-CD set showcases her playing techniques within an orchestra setting. DOUBLE TAKE with Satoko Fujii is worth the jazz listeners' time, for it is something unusual and exciting in the free jazz mode! Congratulations to Satoko Fujii and her two orchestras for a job well done, and for giving the jazz audience some highly enjoyable music which successfully expresses what free jazz is capable of achieving!!!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Satoko Fujii Orchestra
  • CD Title: Double Take
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Record Label: Ewe
  • Musicians: Satoko Fujii (piano/composer/leader) Natsuki Tamura (trumpet) Various orchestra musicians from two different orchestras, East and West.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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