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Duos by Ellen Burr

Flutist, Ellen Burr, released Duos for our ears' and hearts' delight. Burr plays here choices between two aesthetics, which would be, first, the inspirational aesthetics mixed with perspicacity, and second, the aesthetics of work and reason.

Duos is an alliance of twain with flutes, bassoon, clarinet and percussion. These aren’t two creations, not even two ways of creating, but two ways of thinking creation. Duos turns images in sounds and those are totally inspiring. Each artist brings a light for both pas de deux.

Bassoonist, Sara Schoenbeck, manifests her perplexing mastery of improvisation and erudition on contemporary music. Schoenbeck has done chores with Marc Lowenstein, Steven Hoey, Miya Masaoka, Fred Frith, Wayne Horvitz, and Nels Cline. She has also dawned at Du Maurier Jazz Festival, the Time Flies Improvisation Series, Ear Jam and Inner Ear Festival, the American Festival of Microtonal Music, and the Eddie Moore Jazz Festival in San Francisco, among many others.

New Zealander clarinetist and saxophonist, Andrew Pask, has spread his music all over three continents. His voice is full of eclecticism and exotic tones with which he attains to almost perfection on "Permutations '62."

Jeanette Kangas’s percussions are full of nimbleness with a kind of binary rate/rhythm. Bassist Steuart Liebig has spent his life going deep into what music is and his beloved instrument. "Senbazuru" is a masterpiece of extemporization but also contrasting imagination with pulsation adrift lightly.

The beauty of Ellen Burr’s album lodges in the suite of emotions compelled from image interpretation on "Canon-Cards-Canon I," "Permutation '62," "Four Square," and "Canon-Cards-Canon I." Duos plays Burr’s complex graphic scores and that seems to be enough. The emotion is enough. Burr’s album is authenticity without equal, disarming and disarmed music.... total frankness.

Duos also eulogizes avant-garde music converging five consummated musicians and improvisers.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ellen Burr
  • CD Title: Duos
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: pfMENTUM
  • Rating: Five Stars
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