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Ergskkem by Gianni Lenoci Giorgio Dini & Markus Stockhausen

Italian artists Gianni Lenoci and Giorgio Dini as well as German virtuoso Markus Stockhausen strike souls with their release Ergskkem: a line of dashing frameworks, changing moods from track to track. Every piece describes an unique opus. On "Event for Bird", the sounds flare up both manfully and threateningly. Dini, Lenoci and Stockhausen, reaches here with ample manumission in some definitely alluring ways.

This album co-mingles improvisation and avant-garde jazz. As an utmost bassist and composer, Giorgio Dini exhibits a creepy presence, demonstrating an unmatchable free-jazz, as well as an airy improv vocabulary. The trio shines on the soundscapes «Yes Skkem" and "Moorland". Soothing and remarkable hazes and gilded musical spaces are imprinted on every improvisation, such as "Ergskkem" and "Only Blue Feet" and further defined on "Crackers". That being said, pianist Gianni Lenoci and trumpeter Markus Stockhausen transfuse fluffed-up jazz-clues stretching high with dignified steps.

Thinking voices in the collective reflect a majestic sophistication in harmonies and chord frames that will crisscross and hatch up the listener. Lenoci, Dini and Stockhausen demonstrate a wide array of riddles within a bold improvised stew utterly conceived for impressive cogitations. With Ergskkem these three virtuosos have taken another huge step, conspicuously regimented by their resourceful musicianship. Listen to this inventive enterprise, it’s for sure highly recommended!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Gianni Lenoci Giorgio Dini & Markus Stockhausen
  • CD Title: Ergskkem
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Silta Records
  • Tracks: Ergskeem, Events of Birds, Yes Skkem, Only Blue Feet, Moorland, Crackers
  • Musicians: Gianni Lenoci (piano), Giorgio Dini (double bass), Markus Stockhausen (trumpet flugelhorn)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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