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Family by Christopher Woitach & the Cathexis Orchestra

Here is an album that embraces a unique kind of music. On Family guitarist Christopher Woitach & the Cathexis Orchestra make sounds both ancient and with prospective.

Melding a Baroque construction with free-jazz, Woitach is evenly cushy in both worlds having experienced improvisation and composition for many years. As a foremost guitarist and composer Woitach imparts an artful-place discerning a classic mental lexicon into the improvisational waters.

For "Verity, Mom and Two Dads", "Twa Sisters (Judie and Annie)", "Pestercakes (Pati)", "Prelude for PTPW (Dad)", "Da Girlz (Halana & Danya)", "Cho Oyu (Steve)" and "Susanne on the Moore (Sue)" bassist Dan Schulte, trombonist Keller Coker, saxophonist Tom Bergeron, drummer Julian MacDonough and cellist Nancy Ives are added to accrue the sonic palette. Woitach’s authorship denotation attains throughout impartiality in these cosy creations.

His craft showcases poignant compositions with improvisational forms all performed with a ceremonious blessing. The sextet empowers the pieces with a genuine freedom that reverberates all along. On "Verity, Mom and Two Dads," "Susanne on the Moore (Sue)" and "Pestercakes (Pati)" the structural reverie of Woitach’s framework bursts with a spiral momentum. Family is sort of proof of a perfect band orchestration intermixed with soaring imagined themes coupled with intermezzos of free bass and drums interplaying exuberant soundscapes to call into being an album full of strapping foundations and progressive juxtapositions.

Christopher Woitach & the Cathexis Orchestra’s performance in Family are exacting to listen to, but the distinctive units show Woitach’s girth in finding frames for collective team-work.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Christopher Woitach & the Cathexis Orchestra
  • CD Title: Family
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Teal Creeck Records
  • Tracks: Cho Oy (Steve), Verity, Mom and Two Dads, Da Girlz (Halana and Dany), Twa Sisters (Judi and Annie), Pestercakes (Pati), Prelude For PTPW (Dad), Susane on the Moore (Sue)
  • Musicians: Christopher Woitach (guitar, kotoloa), Tom Bergeron (saxophones), Keller Coker (Trombone), Nancy Ives (cello), Dan Schulte (bass), Julian McDonough (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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