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Family by Christopher Woitach

Guitarist Christopher Woitach's release Family is a rich blend of original compositions and swinging guitar. Working with a fine group of musicians, Woitach has an opportunity to showcase his ideas in a cohesive and supportive environment. Every piece of music was written for Woitach's family.

A superb piece of music, "Cho Oyu" is an excellent showcase for the band to stretch out and exchange ideas. Taking a multi-layered approach, Woitach creates an opus of sorts with many interesting twists and turns.

Woitach leads the way with some introspective playing on "Da Girlz." At times reminiscent of another fine guitarist, Tim Brady, Woitach is always searching for new forms of expression. With a clean and well rounded sound, Woitach's search is both compelling and rewarding.

A deeply felt intro from Ives on "Susanne On The Moore," conjures up moments of sadness and at the same time possibilities. Before long, Bergeron's sax adds another dimension to what will become a swinging affair.

Woitach's guitar on "Twa Sisters" is brilliant in execution, and creative in terms of tonality, and rhythmic drive. An all around group effort, the piece weaves in and out with melodic surprises along the way.

"Pestercakes" is an example of Woitach's delicate side of playing. Taking the piece in stride, he manages to control every aspect of his playing, balancing ideas with a keen sense of melodic righteousness.

This is a fine effort from Woitach. A performer who is comfortable playing and writing material that allows the listener to ponder what might be next. Always pushing the envelope, Family is an excellent session and is full of surprises.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Christopher Woitach
  • CD Title: Family
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Teal Creek Records
  • Tracks: Cho Oyu, Verity Mom and Two Dads, Da Girlz, Twa Sisters, Pestercakes, Prelude For PTPW, Susanne on the Moore
  • Musicians: Christopher Woitach (Guitar, Kotoloa), Tom Bergeron (Sax), Keller Coker (Trombone), Nancy Ives (Cello), Dan Schulte (Bass), Julian MacDonough (Drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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