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Fleeting by Amphis-Baena

Electric jazz is winning over audiences in giant steps. It has all the ingredients to please: creation, improvisation, daydream and new rhythms. Miles Davis knew what he was sowing when he plugged his trumpet into electronic sounds.

Amphis-Baena is a trio of accomplished musicians framing excogitation, ambient reverberations and newness. This trio has allotted with Ralph Alessi, the always amazing Dr. Lonnie Smith and John Scofield.

Amphis-Baena’s music alleviates and consoles in a kind of tender feeling; as if they are listening to us while their heads are doing the playing. Their music oscillates between desolation and consolation; between distress and cherish.

Their music also has the feeling of a kind of nakedness and even beyond, very beyond any type of shame .... therefore, everyone can be distinguished in the music by recognizing in themselves an amount of intimacy and fraternity with simple and true proximity. "Puffins" has a naive texture, just as it is in every childhood, just like in loneliness, just as in love.

With "Hypersolace" one would be pleased in closing the eyes and then cry or smile gently. "Fleeting" empowers us to stargaze shamelessly and this is an invaluable gift. All tracks are well equipoised, crossing without haste while creating soft landscapes. Thus they form Amphis-Baena as an album that is intense under its own input but also purified and serene, conveying a kind of jazz Zen.

Let yourself get carried away by Amphis-Baena’s beats, just for the simple emotion of listening, as they let their hearts overflow with a sob or a smile, and this tearful sensation of to be or to be like.

"End’s End" is a call for ataraxis and we all need that serenity and peace on this ground for those who suffer .... quiescence with all!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Amphis-Baena
  • CD Title: Fleeting
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Riparius Productions
  • Tracks: Hypersolace, Nomad, Fleeting, Puffins’ Dance, End’s End
  • Musicians: Jarrett Cherner (keyboards), Brian Scherman (alto sax, effects), Adam Clark (drums, handsonic)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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