Fungus by LSB

LSB is a trio from Sweden consisting of clarinet, drums and bass. Working from a strong desire to improvise, and with excellent sound to boot, this crafty trio touches all bases with intensity and desire on Fungus. Included in the set are compositions from jazz legends Steve Lacy and Ornette Coleman. The rest of the pieces were written by members of the trio.

Ljungkvist kicks things off with a rather intense composition entitled "Fredriks Horna". With a clean yet direct attack, he explores the richness of his horn with an endless flow of ideas. Strid and Berthling are able to join the moment with a creative sense of purpose, pushing Ljungkvist to new heights.

"Riska" was written by the trio, and features an extended solo from Berthling. Massaging the strings to full effect, Berthling is able to swing the note with capable drumming from Strid. Ljungkvist contributes with some staccato like inflections, always exploring new avenues.

Coleman's "Mothers of The Veil" is handled with careful execution by the trio. Ljungkvist's playful clarinet brings much joy to the melody. Ideas flow among the members like children playing. Berthling's rich bass sound is the perfect interlude to a successful session.

Aside from his popularity as a performer, Steve Lacy was also an excellent composer. His pieces were challenging and at some times evocative. "Utah" is such a piece. Ljungkvist leads the way with a spirited delivery. Berthling walks the bass throughout, maintaining a steady rhythm. It is Strid who is exploring different patterns and rhythmic nuances.

Stretching to the outer limits, Ljungkvist's dissonant sound adds an eerie feeling to "Funghi." With sparse bass and the occasional use of cymbals, the trio creates a stripped down framework in which to paint tonal colors and subtle shadings. LSB is a highly creative unit who welcome challenges and rise to the occasion through sonic travels into the unknown. Playing off each other's ideas and concepts, Fungus is a testament to the skills and never ending desire to improvise.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: LSB
  • CD Title: Fungus
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Moserobie
  • Tracks: Fredriks Horna, Muskarin, Funghi, Utah, Broken Shadows, Riska, Kremla, Mothers Of The Veil, LSB-vals
  • Musicians: Fredrik Ljungkvist (tenor & baritone sax, clarinet), Raymond Strid (drums), Johan Berthling (double bass)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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