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Furuhashi by Furuhashi Tsuyoshi

Furuhashi Tsuyoshi is a joy to listen to. He takes musical chances and plays with melodic invention in settings pastoral, chaotic and everywhere in between. His tenor is brawny and beautiful and his flute playing combines his jazz sensibility with elements of Japanese folk music. On his CD Furuhashi he plays with a novel set of instrumentalists--a typical rhythm section of piano, bass and drums augmented with a stick player and DJ--to create a classic set of jazz.

The album opens with "a ghost of roseraie de l'hay," a pretty ballad reminiscent of Crescent-era Coltrane, with nice impressionistic piano from Togashi Hal-Oh. "gravity" trods the path of Bitches Brew Miles and Furuhashi fittingly echoes both Wayne Shorter & Bennie Maupin, playing with some of the mysteriousness of the former and displaying the blues acumen of the latter. The duet "july" with Hal-Oh again recalls an aspect of Shorter, the piece resembling the kind of thing he and Herbie Hancock have been doing for forty-some years now. The two versions of "sea" (subtitled type a & type b), combine his organic sounding flute with some electronic trickery from Tsunoda Tsuguto to form a sonic watercolor of the titular body.

The music sometimes gets freaky and loose, but Tsuyoshi always plays with logic and purpose. Even his dissonances are consonant; he gets skronky when it's called for, but never sounds histrionic. Furuhashi Tsuyoshi has to be reckoned a major talent.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Furuhashi Tsuyoshi
  • CD Title: Furuhashi
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Studio Wee
  • Rating: Five Stars
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