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Imprints by Foot Loose

Imprints is a compilation of improvisation and originality. Its language is abstract, revealing some bright moments.

Foot Loose is a Swedish group featuring creative bassist Matthias Hjorth, guitarist Mats Holtne and drummer-percussionist Peter Nilsson. These musicians toured Europe and played as sidemen in different formations.

The strings of this consistent trio tempt the anarchistic to suddenly smooth away. Not that the form is apart, it is just that improvisation seems to overwhelm as in "Imprint V" and "Imprint VI."

Interrupted timbres arise from the guitar creating long tensions, styles and a kind of technique. Peter Nilsson plays with pulsing modified time in "Imprint II" and "Imprint VIII." However, invasive guitarist Mats Holtne fills the band even if Hjorth and Holte shine with each phrase.

Nonetheless, Imprints is well played with a conception of music separated by seconds of silence, which allows tracks to fly in between the connective sounds and pick-up tempos. "Imprints X" is a smooth work with atonal tints.

Exploration is the basis of improvisation. This release is all about improvisation.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Foot Loose
  • CD Title: Imprints
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Kopasetic Productions
  • Tracks: Imprint I, Imprint II, Imprint III, Imprint IV, Imprint V, Imprint VI, Imprint VII, Imprint VIII, Imprint IX, Imprint X, Imprint XI, Imprint XII, Imprint XIII
  • Musicians: Mats Holtne (guitars, loops), Mattias Hjorth (double bass), Peter Nilsson (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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