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Latitude by Groundtruther

Thirsty Ear has produced another high quality recording called LATITUDE, by the duo, Groundtruther, drummer Bobby Previte and guitarist Charlie Hunter, with guest saxophonist Greg Osby.

Hearing the integrity of this recording is inescapable. From the sheer titling of the tracks can be told the story of a map of the world that is going to be made with music---music that involves, that scintillates, that evokes one voice from a paradoxically delicate combination of electronics and acoustics.

The thematics are carried by the backbone of the electronics which Previte controls. Throughout, Hunter plays with and to the electronics. Because he plays electric guitar, the sound of his 8-stringed instrument intertwines atmospherically, timbrally with the electronics. Sometimes though, Hunter is a-jamming like the best known rock guitarist there could be. He hits and maintains grooves that are expansive, by bending pitches, broadcasting wah-wahs, even playing phrases that bring to mind good ol’ surfer music.

Previte’s signature squareness and predilection for the bass drum on the traditional drumset manages to promote rhythmic gravity, which, in turn, allows for that much more improvisational freedom from Hunter and Osby. Previte is a solid drummer. He values the tightness that can evolve from the skins and milks that to the hilt. He turns the screws a few times to let the skins resonate and rattle, but that does not alter the steadfast nature inherent in his method.

Osby’s trills and scalar motion and blueslike tunefulness float above the ground like a butterfly. His one obviously lead role within the trio clarifies this precisely. Often Osby accentuates with few notes the vast shifts that happen below him. His alto saxophone, Osby stretches to its limits...high-pitched trills render the tones similar to the quality of the electronics. Sometimes, he plays notes in phrases that seem distant and muted, ever participating in 100 % of the "100% improvisation".

The entire recording is a story of the planet we live on from top to bottom, this time going around it from east to west, west to east. Next time, it will be from north to south, south to north and the next time the perspective will be from outer space. The one dimension that has not been measured out right is depth. The depth emanates from the conceptual solidity with which the recording is designed.

The story that is told in LATITUDE is wonderfully adventurous, not translatable to words. And that is the truth...from the ground up.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Groundtruther
  • CD Title: Latitude
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Thirsty Ear
  • Musicians: Bobby Previte (drums & electronics), Charlie Hunter (electric guitar), Greg Osby (alto saxophone)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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