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Longitude by Groundtruther with guest DJ Logic

Groundtruther’s Longitude is a logical extension of Latitude released in 2004, not only metaphorically, but also musically. The latter is grounded; the former approaches and eventually reaches the ethereal.

One distinction of this recording is that the pulse is maintained acoustically and the remaining music over the pulse is electronic. The music is intensely tribal, unrelenting and vigorous so much so that it is elastic. The music does slow down as it moves into a wide universal exploratory zone. Then a distance is established which moves the music away as if thousands of filters were between you and the music. It is a transition from earthly to heavenly, from baseness to airy. Then, the music comes back into close earshot with a different color. The music is about traveling. A determined route towards a destination.

Previte’s unceasing squareness of drumming style provides backbone as well as being integrated into the soundstage. Because I have seen him perform, I know what he is doing; I can feel his sense of time and the way he measures it. His interaction with the players is from the middle. His plants the sticks & mallets on the cymbals and snares in a dry constant integration with Hunter’s guitar sound, on top of the indispensable thumping of the bass drum. The electronics Previte is operating become a heavy part of the mix; he may be working a synth. Intermingled with the turntables, the electronics supply terrific atmosphere and weirdness. Previte and turntablist DJ Logic instill the recording with wonder and mystery.

Hunter’s expert playing of his 8-string guitar maintains a gigantic pulse in a terrifically repetitive riff mode even in the moderated, tempered phrases and the seemingly entangled picking of the strings. He digs into those strings, carves out pitches that are simple and straightforward, honest. Rocking, just rocking. The tunes, well, there really aren’t any. The movement of the music is overtly abstract describing some other conceptual motion as is indicated in the CD title and additionally in the titles of the tracks.

Groundtruther and DJ Logic have played this live. No overdubbing. No masterminding with the sound tracker. The music is as clear as day and flows comfortably through its paces.

But then there must be night and all the rest of the space that we can see towards the stars. The music has lifted us off the planet in a gentle progression. And finally we disappear in the blink of an eye.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Groundtruther with guest DJ Logic
  • CD Title: Longitude
  • Genre: Free Jazz / Avante Garde
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Thirsty Ear
  • Tracks: Transit of Venus, Tycho Brahe, March 1741- Cape Horn, Course Made Good, Dead Reckoning, Medicean Stars, Jupiter Mask, H-4, Back-Quadrant, Epherimedes, Prime Meridian, South Heading
  • Musicians: Bobby Previte (drums & electronics), Charlie Hunter (guitar), DJ Logic (turntables)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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